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Foley Trail

In 1984 the Pembina Lobstick Historical Society compiled local history into a 2 volume book. The book covers the history of Evansburg and Entwistle plus the surrounding rural districts. The book provides information about specific homesteading families, noteable buildings, clubs, societies, events, and industry in the study area.

The books take their name from the Foley Trails that come west from Edmonton. The Foley Trails were specifically used to bring supplies to the railway construction crews working on the Grand Trunk Railway. The construction firm "Foley, Welsh, and Stewart" was hired to build the railroad grade from Edmonton to Prince George, with the Foley brothers responsible for building the supply trails, thus Foley Trails.

Foley Trail, Evansburg history, Entwistle history

Foley Trail is available at the museum for $30 a set.

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