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As a non-profit we rely on donations and grant funding. We appreciate each and every donation that we recieve. Donations are used in the daily operations of the museum, often in the purchase of programming materials, and can also contribute to capital projects such as the purchase of interpretive signs or renovations to our historical buildings. 

As a museum we also accept donations of artifacts. If you have an artifact that you believe the museum would be interested in please contact us via phone or e-mail to discuss whether it will fit in our collection, and the process through which we accept artifacts.

Donations currently can be only accepted as cash or cheque until we set up a way to accept online payments. Please be patient!

Donations many of course be general, in which case we will allocate funds to projects at our discretion. If you wish to donate to a specific facet of the museum please contact us to discuss your donation. You may choose to sponsor a specific building or artifact, to fund programming, or conservation, or a piece of equipment. It is all up to our generous donors!

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