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Our collections are housed in three places: our collections storage in the main building, the archives, or on display in our historic buildings.

We accept a wide range of artifacts that serve to showcase the history and culture of Evansburg and Entwistle. If ypu believe you have an artifact or archival material that the museum may be interested please contact us to discuss your donation.

Collections storage, artifact storage, rolling stacks
Collections storage, artifact storage, rolling stacks

Collections Mandate

Pembina Lobstick Historical Society collects, preserves, and displays artefacts in good condition related to the railway development, coal mining, agriculture, lumbering, and cultural aspects of the people living past and present in Entwistle, Evansburg, and surrounding area. Exceptions can be made for rare artefacts not exclusive to the local area. This is subject to the Museum's ability to preserve, document, and store those artefacts, and then share the stories and educate the community.

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