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Celebrate Heritage in our Community (1).

Tipple Park Museum wants to end the year with a celebration!

We are looking for contributions from our community members that help showcase the diverse cultural make up of our home. This means we are looking for materials from community members that displays their heritage or culture in some way. These things can be tangible or intangible artifacts, as long as they are connected to your culture or heritage. That could mean a wide variety in types of contributions! We want to show the connection between our community as we live in it, and the places that were once home, both for families that have been here for generations and those that have more recently come to call Canada home. We of course would love contributions from any indigenous community members for which this territory has always been home.

We are looking for contributions such as:

  • Special Recipes

  • Photos of your ancestors (especially the first ones to come to Canada), of celebrations, of family members in traditional dress, or anything you think might highlight your connection to this culture

  • Items that you, or an ancestor, brought with them to Canada 

  • Items that are specifically connected with your culture

  • Traditional stories or bits of folklore that your family is familiar with

  • Write-ups that describe cultural events, celebrations, or practices

  • Stories or recollections that highlight a you and your family's culture and heritage

If you would like to discuss a contribution to this exhibit please call or e-mail the museum!

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